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Effective social skills are critical to emotional and cognitive development. Social skills deficiency are one of the central features of those with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities. Making and fostering relationships is difficult and challenging when individuals lack these skills. Adequate social skills are the unwritten curriculum that children with autism and other disabilities do not master. It has been found that when children do not have good friendship skills, the negative effects are long lasting and affect cognitive social and emotional development.

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However, typically developing children acquire social skills such as: problem solving, conflict resolution, respecting the ideas of others, cooperation and team work without direct instruction. Positive social interactions promote a sense of well being, healthy relationships and a sense of belonging. S.T.A.R. Summer Camp’s goal is for children with disabilities to generalize social skills taught and practiced at camp into their daily life. The summer camp will also provide academic support as identified through the camper’s Individual Education Plan.

  • S.T.A.R. Summer Camp meets the requirements of Extended School Year Services.

  • Award winning camp is staffed by intervention specialists, movement specialists and interns.

  • Last year camp had over 270+ participants.

  • Low teacher-camper ratios allow each participant to be immersed in quality individual programming.

  • Typical peers trained in disabilities serve as role models.

  • The camp is hosted by the City of Independence at Elmwood Park.

Camp Includes:

  • Direct Instruction in Social Skills

  • Math / Reading Intervention (Preschool / 6-12 yrs)

  • Parental feedback 

  • Data collected for ESY services, reported to parents and school district

  • Adapted P.E. Movement

Camp Costs:

  • $375 per week

  • $100 for completion of ESY documentation and reports

  • $100 typical peers ages 3-12

  • Additional costs may apply if individual assistance is needed

  • IEP required with registration 

  • ESY participants must provide updated IEP indicating ESY services, goals and objectives

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